About The Owner

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Melinda Johnson, a proud product of two captivating worlds. Born on the radiant beaches of the Virgin Islands and shaped by over 30 years in the picturesque Lakeland, Florida.  These contrasting landscapes have sculpted the essence of who I am. Fortified by the unwavering love of my two radiant daughters and my steadfast husband, I'm driven by a purpose and zeal that go beyond mere map lines.  Dive in and get to know a bit of my journey. 

I delved deep into understanding the intricacies of natural hair and skin care, driven by a passion for wholesome health and a conviction that everyone deserves the best nature has to offer.  In our world inundated with artificial and often harmful products, I recognized a glaring need across all communities for genuine, natural alternatives. 

Driven by a desire to treat my daughter's hair, which suffered the harsh consequence of relaxers, I found myself amidst a sea of products that failed to preserved moisture or prevent breakage.  This impassioned journey led me to create natural hair solutions, not just as an antidote for her hair's anguish but as a tribute to the raw, unaltered beauty of every curl and coil. 

It was this revelation that led me to develop products that not only embody purity but also reflect my deep-seated commitment to wellness.

Through years of research, experimentation, and dedication, I've curated a line of hair and skin care that mirrors the essence of Mother Nature.  I am enthusiastic about sharing this knowledge and these products with you, ensuring that our hair and skin are not just nurtured, but truly cherished. 

Welcome to Melinda's Shea Creations Shop